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Mathematical analysis of the 7-point agenda

Again and again, time has come to do a critique of the 7 point agenda. This time around, from the mathematical angle. To look at…

Again and again, time has come to do a critique of the 7 point agenda. This time around, from the mathematical angle. To look at what has gone so far since his administration took responsibility for running the government machinery of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, effective May 29th 2007.

I should like to believe that even the die-hards of Yar’adua’s administration would agree that after two years so what? And so what given his four years term that 50% has fizzled into the oblivion. We the poor concerned citizens who sit down look should wonder what has been and is to be in store for us. The administrative style of Yar’adua’s government has been characterized with variously acronyms in the media like “go slow”, with “U-turn”, and if I may add, with “round about”.

The go slow as the inertia or a stop and go movement would appear like that of a tortoise that generally speaking obeys in part Newton’s first law of motion in physics. It says that a body at rest will remain at rest like Zuma rock, near the capital city Abuja.

While from the point of view of geometry, a roundabout is a circle. When one keeps driving in the roundabout, he is turning in circles. He will virtually remain at a point in relation to others, with little to show. From policy stand point or public debate, when one is going in a roundabout way on issues or on policy matters or governance, the result is no progress and so increased frustrations. By the time two personalities or entities embark on a journey with set objectives, the one who stays in a roundabout or turning in circles, heads to nowhere. While the other in the parable, that has a mission and a vision and moves ahead, after three hours, will have covered at least 250 kilometers.

The one who remains in Kaduna at 7:00am turning in a roundabout will by 10:00am remains in the same Kaduna roundabout. While the other say heading for Katsina will have by 10:00am reached Katsina or could have been almost there. That is a point of difference between one leader and the other. As I see it Buhari for prosperity and Yar’adua behind the Obasanjo do-or-die and few greedy Nigerians are still struggling with the 7 point agenda or aruga that remains heresy to date.

With respect to the letter U, geometrically speaking. there are basically two parallel lines with a curve joining the two. The basic mathematics we learn in geometry tells us that two parallel lines shall never meet. So when again we make U-turns on a set mission, it would indicate a complete reversal of objectives and direction setting. It could be a result of confusion or ignorance or danger or wrong assumption on plans, strategies, including resource allocations or both or a combination thereof or that physically and or mentally there is a problem. When the U-turns become rules rather than exceptions, definitely there is some wrong.

In leadership, in production, in governance, in war or in everything we do, U-turns if they are prevalent call for soul searching. If there is real democracy those whose interest is being represented would not stand it. If they have a say or a way should jettison such condition. Even with the Supreme Court verdict, if it is the government of the people and for the people and by the people, no way the misery would be taken. No way the political leaders could remain callous and get away with it. They would have been voted out, or recalls and impeachments would have be implemented and would have corrected the bad situation.

For sure if there were people’s representative at the State and National Assemblies, the dividends of democracy would have been for real. The EFCC and police criminal departments would have been active as happens in the US and Israel and other sane countries where the rule of law prevails as it affects their people and their resources.

As for the tortoise, it is an animal that moves or walks at a slow speed and as it likes. The tortoise moves wherever it likes, does not care about time and so time is not of the essence. When one touches it because it carries on its back a hard skin or cocoon, it recoils into and remains there. No roundabout and no time for U-turns. Rain or shine or whatever, ultimately who cares. The tortoise would then have been like Zuma rock.  Invariably, the tortoise does not understand geometry.

After two years on the seat, the policy and the strategies of Yar’adua’s administration and in particular the 7 point agenda or aruga could be likened to the roundabout or the turning circles. They indeed suffer U-turns several times and after effort, wasted as manifested by the tortoise approach style to governance. Nigerians are as usual treated by the ruling class in a cavalier manner. As long as the pressure groups who should stand for the rights of the common man are settled, shikenam, in Hausa or who cares?

Engr. Abubakar A. Fari, [email protected]

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