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Maltina donates packages to 300 communities

Maltina, a beverage brand said it has visited over 300 mosques and neighbourhoods to distribute prayer mats, digital Tasbihs, and ablution kettles to Muslim faithful just before their evening prayers.

The brand in a statement said, it did this to mark the end of its Ramadan Campaign that lasted for one month.

Through the campaign message, ‘Share, No Matter How Little’, Maltina said it served drinks and meal packs after the prayers for those fasting to break their fast.

It further stated that the campaign took place in 15 locations that include Lagos, Sokoto, Kaduna, Ibadan and Abuja where it reached over 30,000 Muslims. The brand said it also engaged consumers online during the season by working with accomplished food bloggers to create and share innovative Iftar recipes to inspire Muslim families.