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Majority of Nigerians Appreciate me – Buhari

President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said majority of Nigerians appreciate his administration.

The president said this in an exclusive interview with NTA on Friday.

The president said his administration is making efforts to keep the country united as well as provide the basic necessities of life.

He said, “The first effort we made when we came in was to identify our problem. One is security, two economy and then employment of  people.

“And we tried to fight corruption. People were getting something for nothing. You have to make sure that people earn a living as they can depend it.

“No matter how reluctantly, majority of Nigerians are understanding me and appreciating the efforts we are making because right from the get-go.”

The president added that he would stand by his oath of office and serve Nigerians honestly and diligently.

However, the president bemoaned how the legal system the county inherited from the colonial masters delays trials of corrupt individuals.

According to him, only specialised court can solve the issue of corruption.