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Maiduguri blackout: Who will bring succour?

It’s been about four months of blackout in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State and no action is near to be taken.

People of Maiduguri have been suffering from the blackout with excess loss in their business activities. The Boko Haram terrorists have claimed the serial attacks on Maiduguri’s power distribution channel.

After their first bombardment of the power distribution channel, the government did all that it takes to restore the light, and not fewer than those three days, those terrorists attacked the place again and broke out all the transmission system.

For now, the government has not yet released any press statement about restoring the light. For the second time, the people of Maiduguri are in the critical condition of having the worst experience and still, things keep going so hard for them.

The state government and the distribution company can restore the light and save people from blackout, but something to be considered is that how can they save the channel from the terrorists? How can they have an assurance of staying safe and restore the light without being harmed? And how much would the state government spend to help restore the light?

However, the people can be saved from the blackout when they collaborate and raise funds to help the distribution company to send their men and work for a successful outcome.

Grace Abena Fosu, Department of mass communication, University of Maiduguri