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Mahdi Shehu, the bitter truth you need to know

At the peak of his actions, Mahdi repeatedly dared the Katsina State government to take him to a court of law and prove him wrong.

When the government finally responded to his plea, he started dodging the summon by playing a cat and mouse game with the police. He switched off all his phones and deserted both his house and office. Nonetheless, he was finally apprehended in Abuja at a train station. We all know the drama that followed.

After spending a few days in police custody he was granted bail on self-recognition and was asked to provide all the documents he claimed to have within two weeks. Again Mahdi failed to provide any document. Instead, he jumped bail and daringly resumed his series of videos.

Now that the Katsina-born, self-acclaimed whistleblower is languishing behind police bars in preparation to face the full wrath of the law for falsification and inciting the public against the state government and for jumping bail, I wonder when I saw some dishonest individuals calling for his release again.

What sort of a system are we running that someone would release lies upon lies against the state and some state actors and is allowed to go scot-free? Are we a banana republic? What is wrong in someone defending what he repeatedly claimed he had enough evidence to defend?

I’m eager to meet him at the court with his volume of evidence to justify his attacks against the Katsina State Government.

Alhaji Nura Katsina writes from Katsina