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Learn to strike a balance – Esesua Henriatta Adeyemi

Esesua Henriatta Adeyemi

Esesua Henriatta Adeyemi is a chartered accountant, business consultant and professional childcare giver. She has an innate passion for working with children and speaks to Tambari about her passion for children.

Family Background

The name is Esesua Henriatta Adeyemi, I was born on 15th September 1975. I come from Edo state and I’m the first child and daughter in a family of 4.

Educational background

I had my early education in the United Kingdom before my family moved back to Nigeria, I went on to attend Command Children’s School in Kaduna for my primary school education. After my primary education, I attended Federal Girls’ College Bakery, which was located in Katsina for my secondary education. From there, I went on to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and secured my degree in accounting. In 2018, I went on to secure my ICAN, which made me a Chartered Accountant. Currently my highest qualification is an Associate Charted Accountant (ACA).

Career background

I did my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in 1998 with the Petroleum Trust Fund. After the birth of my first child, I was opportune to work for a short time with COJA and Colvi limited. By the time I was about the have my second child, I realised that I had so much love towards my first child and also had this passion for taking care of children and that led to me starting the Saisy’s Home and After school hours in 2002. In 2005, I got a job with Oceanic bank, but shortly after during the capitalization and the downsizing of the bank, we were advised to resign so I went back to running the childcare centre. In 2012, I got a scholarship training under Goldman Sachs at the enterprise development centre where I received a certificate in entrepreneurial management. In 2013, we made the list of 1200 female entrepreneurs that won the first ever YOUWIN women business plan competition and in 2014 we made the list of Etisalat’s top 50 businesses in Nigeria in the Easy Business Millionaire Hunt. Through entrepreneurship programs, we were opportune be awarded grants. With all the support and training from the enterprise development centre, I was able to transform the play centre to an early year centre and then a creative corner where the kids can engage in informal activities such as craft, reading and games.

I then started a publicity company where I helped entrepreneurs publicise their businesses through social media platform, I started training people in soft skills and entrepreneurship skills, we helped certain businesses to gain access to finance through the grants we had won.  After a while, I decided to also be a camper, so I speak at birthday parties, conferences, exhibitions, etc.  In business school we were trained to have at least seven multiple streams of income and although it sounded impossible at first, I ended running about 10 different businesses.

Growing Up

Growing up for me was really interesting. I experienced life, both in the U.K. and Nigeria. My parents were also very exposed and educated so things weren’t often done in the Nigerian way. We were taught to be open and communicate freely with them.

Life lessons

I’ve come to believe that the most important thing one can do in their life is learning to strike a balance to it. I’ve also learnt how to be empathetic and be serious about my spiritual life. I’ve also learnt not to fight whatever change I’m facing in life; I’d rather accept it and make my peace with it.

Aspirations growing up

Growing up, I dreamt of one day working on Wall Street. It was those dreams that pushed me into studying accounting. But life took a turn when I had my kids and I became focused on being a mother.

Life and career challenges

It’s normal to face one or two challenges in business, however, my biggest challenge was losing a loved who is my husband in 2016. It took a very big toll on both my personal life and also my businesses as I’d never lost anyone so close to me before.

Fond Childhood Memories

I think it was being together with my whole family. I miss the feel of sitting down and watching TV with my family, having general discussions with them and playing sports.

Most cherished gift

My most cherished gift will be my children and my family and I’m very grateful to God for giving them to me.

Motherhood Joys

One thing people should understand is that giving birth to a child is not the same thing as being a mother. Being a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me and I’m very grateful for the love I have for my kids. I’m deeply satisfied with the fact that I can play the role of their mother, a sister and a friend to each of them whenever they need it.

Favourite kind of music on replay

I love listening to 90’s RnB and Hip-hop.

First App you check in the morning

The first thing I actually check on my phone is a website called ucp.co.uk, it’s a website that I use to build on my spirituality. Another App I check in the morning is one called Mantra, I used this to recite my affirmations for the day.

Favourite fashion items

I love shoes. They mustn’t be the most expensive, but they must be a very attractive pair.

Your hobbies

I love to binge watch series, listen to music and also, I enjoy hiking a lot.

Best travel destination

I’m not a fan of travelling, however, I do like travelling to Manchester because I have family there and I’m a Manchester United fan.

Favourite meal

I’m a bread fanatic, it could be burger, sandwiches, hot dogs, etc.

Favourite Sport and Colour

Football and athletics because of my children, Black is my favourite colour.

Mum’s advice that stuck with you

To always pray that God should give me peace of mind that goes beyond human understanding.

Favourite book

Goals by Brian Tracy. Although I just started reading it, I’d call it my favourite because it gives me reason and strength to move on with the things I want to do in life.

Beauty routine

Although I just started one recently, I like to exfoliate at least three times a week and also can’t miss out on using sunscreen

Looking back, what would you tell your younger self?

If possible, I will tell my younger self to kick procrastination out of the window and to also take my spiritual life more seriously.