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Lawyers used to deliver gratification in criminal matters— SAN

Nigerian Bar Association
Nigerian Bar Association

The chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Continuing Legal Education Committee (CLEC), Mr. Kehinde Eleja (SAN) has alleged that some lawyers now serve as conduit pipes for gratification to investigators in criminal matters.

Mr Eleja condemned the dwindling ethical values among lawyers in the country and the Ilorin branch of the association.

Speaking at the NBA Ilorin Continuing Legal Education seminar, Eleja also bemoans cases of lawyers giving their NBA personalized stamp and seal to non-lawyers for a fee.

She said the chairman further described as worrisome the practice by lawyers standing as sureties for their clients in criminal matters.

According to him, “Cases of unfair dealings within the rank of lawyers; failure to adhere to the prescribed scale regarding the remuneration for services and indulging in illegal collection of money is now on the rise among our colleagues.

“There is also the issue of subtle advertisement, making extrajudicial statements on pending cases in court that is calculated to or is reasonably capable of prejudicing or interfering with the fair trial or court judgment thereon and failure to keep within the bounds of law in the course of representing clients are more pronounced now than ever before”, he noted.”

Also speaking, the Chief Guest lecturer at the event, Mallam Yusuf Olaolu Ali (SAN) expressed dismay over the news of lawyers giving their seals to non-lawyers. He recommended derobing and prosecution of any lawyer indulging in the unethical and unwholesome practice.