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Lack of toilets in our schools puts our children in danger

Lack of decent toilets in schools is threatening the health, education and safety of our children.

Most of our public schools lack proper toilets thereby putting the students at the risk of diarrhoea and other infections and forcing some to miss lessons.

Recently, the  Executive Director, EDULEAD, Development Initiative, Mr. Chinedu Okpara, was quoted as saying that he was moved to tears when he visited a school with thousands of students but found that it has  only two toilets – one for boys and one for girls.

Some schools do not even have toilets and their students are forced to go into the bush to defecate.

The lack of appropriate sanitary facilities may discourage students/ pupils from attending school, especially girls who are menstruating.

If we are seriously passionate about our children and young people, wherever they are, whatever their gender we must ensure good toilets and sanitation in our schools.

We need to provide these facilities in our schools to ensure we prevent the outbreak of epidemic.

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