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Kidnapping: Let’s stop it together

It is no longer interesting seeing screaming headlines announcing abductions in our national dailies.

I have no idea when kidnapping became rampant in Nigeria, but I blame the populace, government, and traditional rulers for not working together to put an end to the menace.

Of course, government is in the better position to provide security to its citizens since it is its primary responsibility, but our collective effort is indeed important.

Kidnapping should not be taken for granted; it is a  threat to national security.

This menace, if allowed to go unabated, will affect the nation’s quest to raise a soundly educated citizenry.

From the abduction in Chibok to those in Dapchi, Kankara, and now Kagara, kidnappers are sowing fear into the hearts of both students and parents.  Unfortunately, this may continue if we continue to fold our hands and keep blaming government.

Similarly, I have observed that a lot of people have stopped travelling by road for fear of being kidnapped. If we do that or stop sending our kids to school; would it stop kidnapping?

It is, therefore, our collective responsibility to wake up and do the needful.  Government alone cannot accomplish its goal of securing Nigeria without our help. Let us assist by reporting suspicious movements to the authorities.


Hassan Muhammad Khan, Department of Mass Communication, University of Maiduguri.