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Keep my name out of your mouth – Boma warns Cubana Chief priest

Boma, evicted housemate of the Big Brother Naija show, has attacked Instagram celebrity, Cubana Chief Priest, for joining those criticising him over his affair with Tega, a married housemate, while on the show.

Boma and Tega were evicted from the Big Brother House on Sunday.

However, the duo have been under fire as a result of the romantic relationship they had.

Last week, Cubana Chief Priest had described Boma as heartless, warning young people not to behave like him.

In one of his media rounds, Boma responded to Cubana Chief Priest’s comment.

“I heard Cubana Chief Priest made a whole post saying that I slept with somebody’s wife and I came to tell my friend. I’m like, are you serious? Show me a video of me telling Pere that.

“Are you not following the game? Or you just want to call me out and talk because you want to talk, because you have a mouth and you want to talk. Bro, come on, if you want to drag me, drag me for something I did not something you think I did. That does not make no fu**king sense Cubana. Get your facts right Cubana Chief Priest or what do they call you. Don’t do that, keep my name off your mouth. Thank you.”