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Kano govt lifts ban on popular Hausa movies on Arewa24

The Kano state Censorship Board and a Kano based Satellite Television station, Arewa24 have resolved their differences over two popular movie series aired on the TV channel to millions of Hausa movie fans around the world.

The movie series, Kwana Casa’in (Ninety days) and Gidan Badamasi were earlier banned by the state government’s agency over alleged violation of its laws.

According to the letter signed and served to the Managing Director of the TV channel by the Executive Secretary Kano State Censorship Board, Alhaji Isma’il Na’Abba Afakallah, the films were banned for containing indecent scenes as well as breach of certification requirement.

The offences according to the letter contravened sections 100 and 102 of Kano state censorship board laws (2001).

However, two days after the ban of the movies, the Board released a press statement which was signed by the Executive Secretary, Isma’il Na’Abbah Afaakallah announcing the lifting of the ban following the resolution of the issues that left to the ban.

According to the statement, the two parties have resolved that the alleged indecent scenes in Kwana Casa’in would be removed before subsequent airing of the film by the station.

It added that henceforth, all Kannywood movies and TV series contents received by Arewa24 must be censored and certified by the Board before airing.

Mixed reactions had trailed the ban of the films given their importance in keeping people company especially in the present time of lockdown in some major cities over coronavirus pandemic.