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Kaduna LGA elections: Why El-Rufai lost his polling unit

Arguably, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is the best governor of Kaduna State. However, Mallam lost his polling unit and ward in the Saturday, September 4, 2021, local government elections.

Although, the election witnessed low voter turnout and challenges in some polling units as the wrong machines were deployed.

The big questions are: Why should a performing governor’s party be rejected by the people at the governor’s polling unit? Why should a performing governor lose at his polling unit and ward? Are the people angry with the governor, his party and his government? Are the people not happy with the way the beautiful Kaduna Urban Renewal is being handled? Is the current insecurity the state is witnessing a major factor? Is it the issue of the sacking of workers? Is the Kaduna state government out of touch with the real common man?

There are a lot of questions that require answers, because the result from El-Rufai’s polling unit and ward is a big political statement from the people to the governor, his government and party.

Some political pundits are of the view that El-Rufai’s major error is that his government is not doing well in balancing policies, development and politics. The pundits further say this is a reminder that development in a poor society must and should always consider the people’s survival first. An example was the former governor of Adamawa State, Muhammadu Umaru Bindow, who did very well in constructing roads, bridges and hospitals, but the people denied him and his party, the APC, a second term because Bindow failed in the area of workers’ salaries and human development.

APC may go on to win the majority of the local government councils as the results come in, but some pockets of the results have given the opposition more strength to fight more and take advantage of areas the government is lagging behind.

Governor El-Rufai should be commended for conducting a free and fair election and using modern technology to advance democracy. The results at the governor’s polling unit and ward have given the governor some clues and the need for  adjustments for future politics.


Zayyad I. Muhammad wrote from Abuja