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Justice Ahmed Lemu dies at 91

Late Justice Ahmed Lemu

A renowned Islamic scholar, Justice Ahmed Lemu, has died on Thursday morning at the age of 91.

A family member, Maryam Lemu, announced this on her Facebook page Thursday morning.

“Inna lillahi wa inna liayhi raji’un. It is with sadness and reverence to Allah that we announce the passing away of our father, Dr. Justice Sheikh Ahmed Lemu OFR, in the early hours of this morning in Minna.

“Burial arrangements to be announced later,” she said.

Lemu was born in Lemu (Niger State), Nigeria, on 21/12/1929.

He was a renowned Islamic scholar, known and respected by West African Muslims and throughout the Islamic world.

He was a composed intellectual, a devout Muslim and an advocate of moderation, justice and open-mindedness.

He was also a strong supporter of women’s rights.

His relentless efforts to advance Islamic education, development and Da’wa (call to Islam) are evident from his publications, countless lectures, seminars and classes, and active participation in national, regional and international Islamic conferences and events.

He was a member of several international Islamic organisations worldwide, and author or editor of many books and school references which aim, along with his lecturers and classes, to promote and re-enforce the proper understanding of Islam and expand knowledge of the Islamic creed.

Lemu was also known for his deep involvement in Islamic humanitarian activities.

Lemu’s immense contributions have earned him several prizes and accolades, including, among others, the Prize of Merit from the Government of Niger State in 1991; the Nigerian National Order by former Nigerian President Abdulsalami AbuBakar in 1999 and former Nigerian President Obasanjo in 2001; Honorary Doctorate Degree from Uthman Danfodiyo University (1996); Honorary Doctorate Degree from Osogbo University (2011) and Honorary Doctorate Degree from Al-Hilal University (2013).