JUST IN: Cholera rises in Yobe, dips in Borno – report | Dailytrust

JUST IN: Cholera rises in Yobe, dips in Borno – report

A total 21 infections suspected to be cholera have been reported in Borno state, and another nine in Yobe, according to the latest situation report from November 6.

The new infections show a 50% reduction in the number of daily cases in Borno, but indicated a “marginal increase” in daily infections in Yobe, the World Health Organisation said in its situation report.

The cholera cases in Borno come from four local government areas—Jere, Maiduguri, Konduga and Guzamala.

Response activities hope to keep the new infections down.

Three of the cholera infections were reported from Gulani and another six in Damaturu.

Among other locations, Fune has not reported any infection in two weeks and Potiskum in six weeks.

Samples have been subjected to rapid diagnosis to determine the proportion of infections that are actually cholera.

Total infections in Borno now stands at 5.823, and 73 people have died cuases linked to cholera.

In Yobe, 1,759 cholera infections have been reported, and 61 people have died.