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‘With good capital, you can achieve a lot in poultry business’

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A Poultry Farmer, Mr Emmanuel Iregbeyen, says the poultry business is viable if the farmer has the right manpower and training.

Iregbeyen, the owner of Emiraz Livestock Enterprises, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Wednesday.

He said a good capital, adequate manpower and training were vital in running a successful poultry business in the country.

“If the farmer has the adequate resources when delving into the poultry business, it would result in high profitability. Poultry business is highly lucrative.

“When you have the resources and the necessary manpower when going into the business, then you are ready for a successful run.

“With a good capital, you can achieve a lot in poultry business. You can procure a land, you can construct and buy pens and get a lot ready in the poultry farm.

“Any business-oriented individual can go into poultry by getting expert information and knowledge on how to successfully run a viable poultry farm,’’ he said.

While speaking on poultry disease as a major challenge facing the average poultry farmer, Iregbeyen said with adequate vaccines and drugs, the issue can be addressed.

“The major problem the local poultry farmer may face is the loss of birds due to poultry disease outbreak.

“However, for most poultry diseases, there are available vaccines, except the bird flu disease, where the government does not permit farmers to use vaccines,” Iregbeyen said.

The farmer said that local poultry farmers might not be able to meet the growing demand for locally-processed chicken, owing to a faulty production process.

“Local farmers in the country may not be able to meet up the demand for locally- processed chickens without adequate support and empowerment.

“If given the support by government and if we have more people engaged in poultry business, we may likely meet up the demands for chickens by Nigerians.

“The potential to meet up the demand for chickens is there but as it stands now, the present production of chickens cannot meet up demand.

“We have a lot of jobless graduates; so if they can be given orientation on broilers production, then we will be able to meet up.

“People need training to be able to produce continuously.

“With more people involved, government support and empowerment of local poultry farmers, we will be able to surpass our present locally-processed chickens, ‘’ he said. (NAN)



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