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Is GB WhatsApp Violating Privacy of Users?

For many Nigerians, WhatsApp has become an integral part of livelihood, enabling instant communication via instant messaging, audio and video calls.

GB WhatsApp however is an MOD of the original WhatsApp android app that provides the same services the original app provides, with a little bit more.

The GB WhatsApp version has been maneuvered to provide many functions that are restricted in the original version.

Here are some peculiar things that differentiate GB WhatsApp from the original version as created by the pioneer developers:

  • The Last Seen Feature

With the original WhatsApp, users can hide information with regards to the last time they were active on the application.

This feature, popularly referred to as the ‘last seen’ stops a users’ entire contact list from knowing when a user is online.

With the GB version, users can select who to hide their last seen from, so that they do not have to hide from all their contacts.

  • The Blue Tick Feature

WhatsApp introduced a feature that allows users to know when their messages have been sent, delivered and read.

One tick for sent, two for delivered and the ticks turn blue when the message has been read.

WhatsApp also gave room to hide the blue ticks so people on the user’s contact list cannot know when a message is read, meaning you can send a message but no one knows if it has been read.

The GB version goes further to let users hide second ticks also, which means the sender will think that the message did not deliver when in actuality, it did.

  • Attach more pictures

With the original version of WhatsApp, users can only attach 10 images at a time, whereas with GB WhatsApp, users can attach up to 90 images at a time.

  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages

With the original WhatsApp, users have to wait up to wish someone a happy birthday at 12 midnight or send someone a reminder at a certain time.

With GB WhatsApp, users can schedule messages to go out at a time and date of their choice.

GB WhatsApp violating Privacy?

Many are however are concerned of some of the almost cynical advantages users of GB WhatsApp get over the users of the original WhatsApp.

These advantages include how GB WhatsApp users can see the last seen, deleted messages and deleted WhatsApp status of users who operate on the original WhatsApp.

This means that users of GB can collate data (pictures, videos, messages) that users of the original whatsapp have deleted for various reasons.

The ability of GB whatsapp users to collate such (sometimes) unwanted data is what is causing the stir in the hearts of whatsapp users.

Hence the question on a lot of users’ mind, is GB whatsapp enabling privacy violations?

Below are some reactions by Nigerians about the app: