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Insecurity: Too much tension, confusion in the land — NSCIA

The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) says the heightened insecurity in Nigeria is having its attendant fatalities, tensions, fear and confusion foisted upon the citizenry.

The NSCIA, in a statement Thursday by its Deputy Secretary-General, Prof. Salisu Shehu, urged governments at all levels to redouble their efforts in protecting citizens’ lives and property.

It urged the citizens to be vigilant and conscious of their neighbourhood and discharge their civic responsibilities of assisting the law enforcement agencies.

The council enjoined Muslims to utilise the opportunity of the last ten days of Ramadan to intensify prayers for the nation’s comprehensive peace and security.

It admonished them to ceaselessly engage in different adhkar (glorification of Allah) like “HasbunaLlahu wani’mal wakeel”; “Astagfirullah; “La hawla walaquwata ilabiLlahi-l-Aliyi-l-Azeem”; “La ilaha illa anta Subuhanaka inikuntu mina zalimeen” in supplication to Allah to help Nigeria overcome her challenges.

It asked Muslims to intensify the acts of giving sadaqah (charity, assistance to the poor and destitute).

The NSCIA also urged all Muslims to continue to support all efforts to sustain a united and indivisible Nigeria.