Implementation of NLTP will address farmer-herder conflicts – CDD | Dailytrust

Implementation of NLTP will address farmer-herder conflicts – CDD

Implementation of National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP) is crucial to addressing the farmer-herder conflicts in Nigeria, the Centre for Democracy and Development, has said.

The Director Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD), Idayat Hassan represented by Shamaudeen Yusuf at a conference organised by CDD in partnership with the United State Institute of Peace (USIP) Thursday.

He said the centre was looking at how to work closely with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) as well as government agencies particularly committee set up by the government to implement the NLTP.

She said there were lots of economic challenges confronting the issue especially scarcity of economic, water resources and others and we think if NLTP if adequately implemented would be sufficient to address most of these problems.

The special adviser to the president on agriculture and coordinator, NLTP, Andrew Kwasari said the programme is a government initiative through which the government is fully committed to resolving the farmer-herder conflicts.

He said the programme listed out six pillars that cover justice, security, livelihood, peace, reconciliation and economic development in a systematic way that covers the interest of pastoralists and crop farmers.

“So far, the 19 northern governors has committed to this, they found the locations they want to work within the grazing reserves to remodel it as areas for livestock production and other state governors has also been committed to these.