“I’m the most popular Hausa man in the world,” Kannywood’s Zango brags | Dailytrust

“I’m the most popular Hausa man in the world,” Kannywood’s Zango brags

Adam A. Zango

Kannywood actor and musician, Adam A. Zango has said that he is the most popular Hausa man in the world.

The actor made the claim in a 6-minute video titled ‘Journey to Stardom’ which he posted on his Instagram page on Tuesday.

Zango, who won Africa Movie Best Actor in 2014 and City People Magazine Best Popular Actor in 2015, made the video specifically to his fans and the upcoming actors in the Hausa film industry known as Kannywood.

He said, “Did you guys know the definition of super star? I am the definition of a king and a super star; I’m the most popular Hausa man in the world.

“I have more followers and fans than any Hausa man in the world, I am not the one who said it, it was revealed in an investigation carried out by a centre.

The actor said he knows some people would think he was insane, adding “I want them to know that I am alright, healthy, sound and hale.”

Zango also known as ‘Fresh Prince’ further said he would have run away from filmmaking in the beginning had God shown him that stardom is like cage and full of unpalatable circumstances.

He said, “Anybody dreaming to be like Zango should brace themselves for bumpy ride, challenges and different forms of unpleasant experience.

“I would have change profession assuming from the beginning God has shown me what I would go through after becoming an actor.”

Zango who serves as the Managing Director of a music record label, White House Family said his account was only for his fans.

“You can unfollow me if you don’t want to see what I would be posting on Instagram, I would be happy if I can only have 100 followers if they are my genuine followers and fans.”

Daily Trust however reports that there was no statistics or data to back up Zango’s claim neither did he offer such.