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I don’t have any fear doing my job — Isolation centre cleaner

Ibrahim Bawa Kalgo, popularly called Bakin Bindiga, passes as any ordinary Nigerian, but he does what many of us would think twice before we do, even if we are going to be paid a fortune.

Ibrahim is a frontline worker at COVID-19 Isolation Center in Kebbi Medical Centre, Kalgo.

Thrice in a day he, along with his two other colleagues, ensure the centre is clean.

Their work includes sweeping, mopping and disposing of wastes.

“We clean the ward three times a day. We sweep and mop the place,’’ he told Caliphate Trust in an interview.

“We are provided with mask, gloves, googles and a jacket suit to carry out our job.

“We are treated just like any other worker at the isolation centre,’’ he added.

Ibrahim said he did not have any fear doing the job, adding that he was motivated by the fact that he was helping to save lives.

He is also encouraged by the treatment he gets from his employers.

“As the most junior in the hierarchy, I believe we are adequately being taken care of in terms of the provision of protective gears.

“We are also paid all our entitlements just like any other frontline worker.”

But, the 35-year-old, who lives on the outskirt of Birnin Kebbi, emphasised that he was doing the job more as part of his contribution to save humanity.

He also said that he was not being stigmatised by those close to him because of his work at the centre.

Ibrahim advised people to always adhere to all the advice being given by health authorities to avoid contracting the virus.

He said from what he saw at the centre, he was very much convinced about the dangers of COVID-19.

“The virus is not respecter of age, sex or status and whoever becomes exposed could contract it hence, the need to imbibe the culture of washing hands, wearing face mask, observing social distancing as well as avoiding overcrowded places.

”People should know that relaxing of curfew and movements as well as the reopening of worship places does not mean the pandemic is over,” Ibrahim added.