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‘Huawei’s eMIMO to boost efficiency at telecoms sites’

Huawei’s new eMIMO (energy Multiple Input Multiple Output) platform is aiming to address Energy and network coverage needs while saving operating costs and enhancing efficiencies.

Energy and network coverage are vital to business success within the ICT sector.

The opportunities for using telecoms sites as power resources are becoming particularly attractive in countries with unstable grid conditions.

“We can’t be doing the same thing we’ve been doing for the past 15 years in Energy, and expect a better energy saving.

“We need to rethink, and change from Supply and Install only, to Innovate, Design, Deploy and Measure Savings,” said Mr. Norman Moyo, Group CEO of Distributed Power Africa, at AfricaCom 2020.


Intelligent power infrastructure

As networks evolve and new sites are established, digital site management is becoming a global trend, especially in Africa, where significant cost savings are possible.

Huawei’s eMIMO integrated operations support system (OSS) helps improve network visibility and can help identify energy efficiencies everywhere from component up to site level – therefore helping to make the most of the investment in the site, according to the company in a statement on Tuesday.

It said remote operations and maintenance also help to further reduce costs with less need for site visits and improved power availability, which is the most important consideration for any reliable network.


Integrated AI solutions

The site power system consists of a rectifier, controller, battery, diesel generator and monitoring systems, which are traditionally sourced from different suppliers.

The new, integrated, AI-driven Huawei solution provides all components for cost-savings and guaranteed compatibility.

According to Huawei, sites using third-party systems without an OSS risk communications glitches between systems, inefficient operations and poor returns on the equipment investment.

It added that an integrated, AI-driven solution with mutual collaboration can help achieve a simplified, intelligent and green energy network.

The ICT company listed benefits from the use of eMIMO to include; battery charging current can be automatically adjusted based on the ambient temperature and site load, the DG load rate can be maintained at the most efficient rate, which can cut fuel consumption by 45%+ during hybrid cycling, by implementing solar AI, the DG run time can be cut even more, reducing fuel costs by a further 12%, iGrid solutions can extend battery service life by up to 5% through intelligent scheduling and an Integrated OSS can ensure efficient management of all power equipment.

According to Huawei, consolidating sites under one solution also makes it easier to measure total costs and return on investment.


From telecom site to social site

With social sites, the power system becomes not just a cost-saver, but also a revenue-generating solution.

Huawei said eMIMO can provide stable power for equipment supporting everything from smart cities to campuses, residential areas, commercial ATMs and fuel stations, with added environmental monitoring.

“The system brings affordable, reliable power to homes or businesses that were previously off-grid, without the need for them to invest in their own back-up generators or other equipment.

“The solution provides reliable, convenient power, and affordable telecom site rental fees can be negotiated.

“Lower operating costs for local public and private entities running smart city, smart traffic and smart campus applications means there is no need to invest in a completely new power supply system.

“In addition, the site can generate increased revenue through infrastructure and power sharing.

“The opportunities and benefits of the new system are significant and site operators would be well advised to rethink their power approach when establishing new sites.

“The new eMIMO platform boosts energy availability and efficiency and will prove its worth through ongoing insights and value measurement,” the statement noted.