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How to reduce size of videos on android

Video files come in various sizes and most times they could be very large and can take up a lot of space on your phone. Other times the file size can be very large causing issues when you try to upload or host it. To avoid any of this from happening, you should know how to reduce video sizes on android.

It is also advisable that if you are not a professional that really needs the highest video resolution possible, it’s better to always reduce video sizes on android to create more storage space for other files. This is because when you reduce video sizes on android, you also reduce bandwidth usage and uploading time.  To reduce video sizes on android, do the following:

Use camera settings

According to a telecom expert at CalCare Centre, Abuja, Jide Mbaka, video sizes could be reduced on android via camera settings but not with phone’s normal camera. You have to download Camera MX and use it to record your videos on android. Once you set it following these steps, it automatically reduces your video sizes.

Download and launch Camera MX

Tap on the three dots at the top right corner

Select the settings icon

Enable Alternative Resolution

Reduce video resolution to Bitrate

And that’s it!

To record videos with a small file size in android, use Camera MX. Now, what if you are not the one that recorded the video? You can still reduce these kinds of videos using video compressors.

Use of apps

You can reduce video sizes with the use of mobile apps too. One app that is famous is video compress. To use video compress to reduce video sizes on android easily, follow these easy steps;

Download and install video compress on your smartphone

Launch the app and open the folder containing the video you wish to reduce

Find and select the video

Tap on compress video

Choose a new resolution and size for your video at the top screen

The video compressing will start

Once the compressing process is completed, play your new video

The videos you compressed will save with the original name in a folder named Super Video Compressor. You’ll find the folder in your file storage and if you are wondering if your video will still maintain the same quality it had, here is another way you can reduce video sizes on android without losing quality on android.

How to reduce file size without losing quality in android

When you reduce video sizes on android, it usually speeds up your video creation and editing process as you don’t need to work with large video files that consume lots of space and time. But then, how do you reduce the file size without losing the quality?

There are two reliable ways to reduce video size without losing the quality in android. The first way is to make your video shorter. If you can trim footage off at the beginning or end, that will reduce the size of the file.

The second way you can reduce file size without losing quality in android is by removing audio from your video. Most videos will probably come with audio and background music, but sometimes, It’s unnecessary and can be removed. This will decrease the file size. Not forgetting you can do this too on the video compress app. Follow these easy steps to do so:

Launch video compress and open the folder containing the video you wish to reduce

Find and select the video

Tap on Trim Video

Trim your video

When done select Trim video

And your video size will be reduced

However, if you wish to mail the video, you will have to use another mobile app to reduce the video.

How to compress a video for email on android

It can be tricky to get videos from one place to another. You can make video files easier to handle by compressing them, as already stated this will reduce their file size and make them compact enough to send via email. So, to reduce video sizes on android, you will need a Video Converter. It comes in both free and premium versions. The free Lite version can help you compress the video manually. To use it;

Download and launch the Video Converter

Tap on the video converter

Select the video you wish to reduce

Tap on the purple arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen

Select MPEG

Click the right button and your video will be converted

The app will reduce the video size and make it easier to send via email. You can also reduce video sizes online without having to download any application.

How to reduce video sizes online

To reduce the size of videos online, you will need to use an online video compressor where you do not have to download or install on your mobile phone. One of the best online compressors is To use it, follow these easy steps;


Tap on choose file to upload the video

Wait for a few seconds let it compress and reduce the size of the video

Watch the preview to ascertain if everything is okay

If it’s not, you can continue editing

Download the edited video back to your android

That’s it!

With this, you can easily reduce video sizes on android online without having to download any mobile app and if you are wondering how to reduce the size of the video on Samsung, you can easily do that online using this step. There are also some offline compressor apps you can also use to reduce video sizes on android. Let’s look into them.

Best video compressor apps for android

Apart from the ones we spoke about earlier, there are other good free video compressor apps that can be used to reduce video sizes on android. A couple of them are;

Video & movies compressor

It’s a famous and useful video compressor that supports almost all popular file formats. It’s designed in such a way that you don’t have to switch to another compression app to achieve the task. An interesting fact about it is that it allows you to share compressed video files directly with your friends & family without losing the original quality.

Video Dieter

This one allows you to compress your full-length video to a smaller size. You can set the desired video quality as output using its lucrative interface. Video Dieter allows you to add your favorite music to your video too.

Video compressor by Sunshine

This is one of the best video compressors for android as it allows you to save multiple videos. It can compress large videos faster and saves up 90% of a phone’s memory space. You can save your videos in full HD, or in any other form in the compression settings. This app allows you to play the videos within the app and share them instantly.

These ones and other video compressor apps like resize video, vidcompact, Youcut, etc are some of the best video compressor apps to use to reduce video sizes on android.




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