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How Kano councilor inaugurated 18 aides

Stephen Mayowa Oluwale who was appointed as SA Inter-Tribe Relations appreciated the councillor for creating a portfolio that would provide an enabling environment for peaceful coexistence among various ethnic groups of the ward

A councillor in Kano State has done the unusual by appointing 18 persons who will work with him in carrying out his responsibilities.

The Councillor, Hon Muslihu Yusuf Ali, representing Guringawa Ward of Kumbotso Local Government Area, inaugurated the 18 aides at the local government secretariat on Thursday with the help of the Vice Chairman of council, Shamsu Abdullahi.

Speaking to Daily Trust after the inauguration, Hon Ali said it had always been his dream to bring changes if he had the opportunity; to carry everyone along and work for the development of his people.

Hon Ali said, as a leader, there was need for him to appoint even more than 18 aides so that they would assist him and report what the people needed at the grassroots which, according to him, many leaders do not bother to do.

He added that the nature of the responsibilities they had as leaders that were close to the masses called for the appointments, hoping that it would bring positive change in his ward from which others across the country would emulate.

He explained that, “This is one of my plans, and I have been praying for it. If you look carefully, the system of representation from the National Assembly down to the state assemblies, lawmakers are not given the opportunity to appoint enough aides that will support them in their work – and they are those that are closer to the masses. Likewise at the local government level, we are mingling with the masses at the grassroots and witnessing what they are going through. That was why I decided to come up with this change. I appointed aides on every aspect of development and hope to work with them in developing our community.

“I selected people that are hardworking and competent enough to handle their various responsibilities. I followed three criteria in doing this. I noticed that in politics the first people you have problems with are those that supported you during campaign. So I selected some of them to bridge that gap. I selected some from the community members that did not even participate in our campaign, but they deserved it because I represent all. I want to assure that some of them just saw it in the letters that they were appointed and accepted it that way.”

Hon Ali who is the chief whip of the council, said the encouragement he got from the chairman of the council motivated him to go ahead with the appointments, adding that the work he was willing to do called for more aides that would assist him.

On the ways he will source money to pay the aides, the councillor said politics was not always about money, but the development of people and their community, adding that a councillor is a servant of the people and he is in politics not because of money, but to bring positive development.

He said he served as aide to a governor and other political leaders and did not get paid because it was voluntary service that provided faster development.

He explained that, “One thing that I want people to be aware of is the fact that politics is not always about money. It is about bringing changes that will impact on people. We are passionate about this and selected people that can offer contributions without looking at what they will get. I can’t say that we have a fixed salary for them, but they will definitely get something in return. Sometimes to find yourself in a position to bring change alone is a pride. And looking at the positions they are appointed to, some will bring in benefits to the council and our people.”

He, therefore, appealed to the aides to work hard and ensure they did beyond what people were saying, adding that he was ready to sacrifice his salary for the development of his ward.

Those appointed are Sulaiman Ibrahim Bako as Personal Assistant (PA); Yahaya Abdu Yahaya (Principal Private Secretary, PPS); Kamalu Garba LY (Chairman New Media); Usama Umar Zubair (Special Adviser on Religious Affairs); Dalhatu Yakubu (SA Empowerment and Humanitarian Affairs); Bashir Ali (SA Social Media) and Ameer Sani Ahmad (SA NGOs and Social Investment).

Others are Stephen Mayowa Oluwale (SA Inter-Tribe Relations); Alhaji Magaji Uba (SA Political Affairs); Garba DanMarke (SA Community Service and Infrastructural Development); Bashir Usman (SA Education); Mariya Uba (SA Orphans and Women Affairs) and Nasir Abuabakar (SA Health and Hygiene).

The remaining are Sunusi Ado (SA Graveyards, Disabled and Physically Challenged Persons Affairs); Adamu Abubakar Danyaro (SA Sports and Youth Development); Saifudden Sani Gundawa (Coordinator Tallafi Charity and Development Foundation); Adamu Iliyasu Adamu (Coordinator Guringawa Community Development Initiative) and Aliyu Sani (Coordinator Public Private Partnership Projects).

Stephen Mayowa Oluwale who was appointed as SA Inter-Tribe Relations appreciated the councillor for creating a portfolio that would provide an enabling environment for peaceful coexistence among various ethnic groups of the ward.

Oluwale who revealed that the appointment came to him as a surprise, said, “With this opportunity I will try to bring cooperation among tribes in Kumbotso LGA so that we can support Hon Muslihu Ali to achieve all his aims.”

The only female appointee, Mariya Uba, said some people might think they were above the appointments, but that to them it was a pride and privilege to serve their community better.

She said her office, dealing with orphans and women, would work tirelessly in ensuring they were supported educationally and socially to live as every other person.

Earlier in his remarks, the Vice Chairman of the council, Shamsu Abdullahi, commended Hon Ali on his initiative to carry along all the people and serve them better.