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How I really felt about winning BBA – Kevin

Weekend Magazine: How has life been after Big Brother Africa (BBA) 4? Kevin Chuwang Pam: It’s been different actually. It has been a whole lot…

Weekend Magazine: How has life been after Big Brother Africa (BBA) 4?

Kevin Chuwang Pam: It’s been different actually. It has been a whole lot of new experience. Life after BBA has really gotten more challenging but with God, I’m doing ok. More is expected from me. So, I have to meet up to the standards people expect from me.

WM: What has fatherhood changed about you?

Kevin: It’s a whole new feeling and a lot has changed since I became a husband and father. There are some things I can’t do anymore since I took up these responsibilities because I know there are always consequences for any risk I take….

WM: What are the kind of things you cannot do anymore?

Kevin: In the days when I was single, there were some reckless driving I used to do and a whole lot of other stuff  without thinking anything was at stake. Those are all in the past now. But now, I have a family to cater for and there is need for me to take them into consideration in whatever I’m doing in life. So, the whole essence is that being a husband and father has made me more responsible and more cautious.

WM: You met your wife on the set of BBA4. What attracted you to her or would you say it was love at first sight?

Kevin: Well, it was a big home and an avenue where you got to meet people of different backgrounds. You had to mix one way or the other with people on the set of BBA. We got close and understood each other better. I interacted with other girls too but I realized my feelings for her grew gradually and finally, I came to realize that we were more compatible. We were compatible in the House and we are now in reality. (laughing)

WM: From the set of BBA, you got success, the prize money, fame and a beautiful wife. I would say a four in one package. Would you say it was luck playing its fate on you?

Kevin: I would say it’s more than luck. I would rather define it as destiny. For my wife, she never really intended to be on the show. She was on the show by mistake because people sort of put pressure on her to be on the show. For me being on the show, it was a continuation of the struggle for survival. I think our paths were meant to cross and BBA was the meeting point.

WM:  So it would be right to say BBA was a blessing in disguise?

Kevin: Exactly! I was there to fulfill the divine calling and the destiny God had in store for me.

WM:  You are from Jos. Can you tell us about your childhood back then in Jos?

Kevin: I grew up in Jos not having everything but trying to do everything to survive. I think I became independent from a very early age because we lost our mum at a very tender age. Last Tuesday was her eighteenth year anniversary. So I grew up learning how to be independent and I think it has really helped shape the person I am today.

WM: What fond memories do you have about Jos of those days amidst the unending crisis there now?

Kevin: Wow! There is a life in Jos that you can’t get anywhere around the country. Jos used to be the most peaceful town I know filled with the most beautiful and accommodating people. Growing up with people like Jeremiah Gyang, MI and a whole lot of others. Jos used to be the hub of entertainment, but right now, all that has been destroyed. The crisis is one that has really torn things apart and my heart bleeds anytime I recall all the incidences. I really feel sorry for the younger generation because they will never get an opportunity to experience the peaceful Jos that we once enjoyed.

WM: Going back to BBA4, what do you regret doing or not doing. If given another chance, what would you rather do differently?

Kevin: I doubt if at all I have anything to change but I would say what I regret is that I did not reach out and talk more on issues that affect life. That was a very big platform for me to have brought burning issues affecting the society to the front burner. It was an opportunity to pass across important messages to the whole world but it was wasted. That I regret not doing.

WM: Your wife is from Tanzania. How have you been able to merge both cultural backgrounds in your lives?

Kevin: The good thing about Nigerians is that we easily adapt and that is why you find us everywhere in the world. For me, it’s not really a problem because it hasn’t been difficult to adapt to some of her cultures. I think more of the merging and adapting to culture is on her because she has had to come over to live here leaving behind her people and her background and starting life on a different slate. But she is doing pretty well. We really don’t have much cultural differences. So, she is coping well.

WM: Speaking of adapting, what does she love about Nigeria and what do you love about Tanzania?

Kevin: For me, like I would say I love the way they respect and speak their language irrespective of whether they understand English or not. They attach so much importance to their language. Again, there is no extreme cultural diversity as we have in Nigeria. They move together irrespective of the religious, cultural and ethnic difference. For her, she loves our food and our hospitality.

WM: What is her favorite Nigerian food?

Kevin: (Laughing) she loves eba and egusi soup.

WM: How has your wife been able to cope with your stardom?

Kevin: She has been coping well and really been of great support to me. I believe every process is a learning process. So, everyday, we learn new things and new ways of how to go about such situations in life. It has actually not been easy but she is learning. So, am I learning how to cope with fans and everything.

WM: ‘Naija pikin’ is an initiative of yours. Can you shed more light on what it is all about?

Kevin: Naija Pikin is a child and youth initiative body seeking to reach out to the African child using the Nigerian child as a point of contact as we fight causes like malaria. We have taken up the fight against malaria by giving out free mosquito nets in villages. We also reach out to youths affected in post-conflict areas. We are generally into bringing back the Nigerian pride. We want to take the country to the level where a Nigerian in the diaspora will proudly fly the flag of his country.

WM: What are you into right now?

Kevin: Right now, I’m working on my Television show called ‘Fan-shop’. It’s all about bringing celebrities to the fans. It’s coming on TV stations very soon. Then, of course I have a recording label. I have some albums I’m working on now. Then of course we have ‘Naija pikin’. It’s a handful, a lot of things in the pipeline.

WM: Do we see you going into Nollywood very soon?

Kevin: Sure, why not! Of course I will go into acting, I love acting. My wife is already towing that line. She has been acting way back from Tanzania. So, I will surely follow suit someday.

WM: Then finally, you will go into the music industry too?

Kevin: (Laughing) music is a passion and a profession too but you know what, I will leave that for my artistes and other people. So, for now, I’m sticking with recording in terms of music. I might still do something in music but not as a career.

WM: What do you want to say to your fans?

Kevin: I will never get tired of saying “thank you”. You have all been wonderful people and very supportive. I will continue to make you guys proud.


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