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How Fulanis are being stigmatised in Minna IDP camps

Some Fulanis among persons displaced from Munya and Shiroro Local Government Areas of Niger State have been facing difficult times.

Over 5000 villagers had stormed the Palace of the Emir of Minna after they were sacked from their homes and they were moved to the IBB Primary School, Minna, for accommodation.

The Governor of the state, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, who visited the emergency camp on Monday accused the federal government of negligence.

But during a visit to the camp on Tuesday, it was discovered that some of the IDPs were leaving the camp.

Some went to their relatives in different villages to take cover until peace returns to their homes.

Over 200 Fulani IDPs, who are mainly women are children, moved to a private residence for the fear of being attacked by some private individuals who are have alleged that the bandits attacking villages are Fulanis.

But the Niger State Emergency Management Agency (NSEMA) have been going round the state capital to cater for and take roll call of IDPs who stay in private residence.

Director General of NSEMA, Alhaji Ibrahim Inga, said there are about four private houses accommodating the IDPs.

He identified the places where the IDPs are as:

  • Three arm zone: 248 IDPs
  • Back of Dana: 68 IDPs
  • FM Junction: 48 IDPs
  • Angwan Daaji: 59 IDPs

It was also learnt that the agency will move some other Fulani IDPs in Minna to the Seriki Fawa camp so as to have them in the same place.

The fear of been attacked by other tribes have made them to seek for refuge in a different place.