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Herders in Southwest must embrace ranching — Commission

The Director-General of the Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN), Seye Oyeleye, on Monday said herders who are operating in the southwestern states must embrace ranching.

He said the commission is fully in support of banning open grazing of cattle and other animals by states in the region.

Oyeleye said banning open grazing would enhance the security in the forests in the region and would also increase investments coming to the region.

The DAWN boss who spoke at a press conference said open grazing is harmful to agriculture which he described as the way of life of the Yoruba people.

He said since animal rearing is a business, herders should embrace ranching which is the modern method of animal husbandry.

According to him ranching is less stressful to the animals and the humans tending them, saying it is even much more profitable.

“Everybody must comply, we don’t want open grazing. Of it is the way of life of some people to graze cows, that way of life is harmful to our own way of life which is agriculture and it must stop.”