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Her hidden dark side

‘Well, I think’ he answered, walking towards the bed to seat next to where I was lying. ‘You mean he agreed to all you said…

‘Well, I think’ he answered, walking towards the bed to seat next to where I was lying.
‘You mean he agreed to all you said and all is going to end well?’
‘Bint, please allow me to sit and catch my breath, the way you are bombarding me with questions, you could easily pass for a journalist. Are you sure you were not an ‘yar jarida in your other life?’ he joked.
‘I don’t know when you began to believe in re-incarnation,’ I replied smiling back ‘but I will not mind whatever you call me as long as  you tell me what happened at Mansur’s house. Imagine waiting up for you till past 11pm, just so I can hear the latest early enough, and then having you play shakara, like someone who has got some exclusive.’
‘You see, you do sound like a journalist, or else how did you know about exclusives?’
‘Please don’t let curiosity kill me, what did he say?’
‘It can’t possibly kill you because you are not a cat. Now move over and give me a place to sleep, I will tell you everything tomorrow. I am so tired I can’t even pray Shaf’i and Witr till just before dawn.’
‘Tahir’ I said, removing my second pillow before his head reached it, ‘you will not sleep on my bed without telling me what happened.  It’s a tit-for-tat affair sir.’ I added, laughing.
‘Ok, keep your pillow. My daughter is very unlikely to turn me down, especially when she is this deep asleep.’ And he moved to where Little Bint lay, gently removing her head from the pillow and placing it on my small throw pillow before stretching himself out on my bed. ‘Good night Bint.’ He said, with a victorious grin.    
‘You mean you are really going to sleep without telling me? Tahir, are you doing this because what you have to say is so bad it will not allow me to sleep, and you love me too much to risk giving me a sleepless night, or are you really doing me shakara?’ I insisted.
‘Frankly Bint, you can believe what you want to believe. I just want to sleep. ’ Tahir replied.
‘Ok, hubby darling. I know of someone who would have heard all that happened by now. Because unlike me she is dearly beloved and no one treats her like dirt before telling her what she wants to know.’ I said, before picking up my phone to call Maryam.
‘Who are you calling?’
‘Maryam, of course.’
‘You mean you can’t wait to hear it tomorrow?’
‘Is this not the point I have been making for the last several minutes?’
‘Ok Bint, you’ve won. I’d rather tell you myself than have you wake Ibrahim and Maryam with your phone call’. He answered, sitting up. ‘The long and short of it is that Mansur stuck to his earlier position. Asabe remains divorced and the worst, for us is that he totally believes in his sorcerers.’
‘You mean he actually repeated to you what he told Mustafa?’
‘Yes, because there was no room for him to deny it since Mustafa went along with us.  When I called him to confirm what Asabe has told you, he offered to go with us to confront Mansur. So the three of us went to his house where, for your information, he is still living alone and miserably, except for his guards. We went straight to the point, that we now know why he divorced his wife, but did he think it was a rational decision seeing that a couple of total strangers have succeeded in separating him from the woman he has known and loved for a long time? And he immediately rose to his own defence, saying that the three spiritualists he consulted were not known to him before, so they couldn’t possibly know his wife, yet they all agreed that she was behind his travails, how could they know if there was no truth in that. In fact he should have known that she was up to something having seen the way his ex-bride, the Corper, just left him without reason.  That a lot of things began falling into place after he had consulted them, so he now knows all about Asabe’s hidden dark side.  At this point Mustafa lost his cool. He rose up in temper and condemned Mansur’s apparent lack of faith. He said he was closer to disbelief than Islam by merely believing what some sorcerers had to say and for believing that anyone could cause him travails in life, apart from Almighty God’s decree. Of course he stormed out of the house as soon as he was through.’
‘And what was Mansur’s response?’  I asked
‘He merely said that he understood Mustafa’s anger, after all he was Asabe’s uncle. But we told him that we were equally disappointed and angry that he could fall for such trash. In short it triggered another round of arguments and finally we had to leave with the warning that he had done something he will regret for life. But we also told him that he had a good chance to rectify things by simply asking her back and considering those three divorces as one, after all that’s what most scholars agree on, but his very own words were ‘That’s impossible.’ Now you see why I wasn’t too keen to tell you what happened. ’ Tahir concluded, putting his head back.
‘I am truly sorry hubby dearest. I really had such high hopes regarding the meeting that I couldn’t wait to hear what happened. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me, especially for refusing you the use of my pillow?’ I asked in my most seductive voice.
‘When you look at me like that’ Tahir said raising a hand to caress my cheek,’ I can forgive you anything’.  

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