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Hassan Giggs: How Indian Movies Influence Kannywood

Hassan Giggs is a film maker, cinematographer and director with Kannywood. He is the founder of Giggs International, a Kano-based company that is into manufacturing and production.

Giggs was born and raised in Kano, and learned photography from his father at an early age.

He also attended Los Angeles Center Studio, California, USA and, thereafter, Jimark Film Institute in Lagos, to consolidate on his knowledge on photography.

In 2016, Giggs was selected as one of the judges of the African Magic Viewer’s Choice Award (AMVCA). Giggs produced a number of movies, including Macijiya, Indon Kauye, Light and Darkness, Bayajidda, among others.

His latest movie is ‘Tsangayar Asali’ —- an advocacy film project designed to document over 100 years of Almajiri history.

During an Instagram live with Daily Trust, Giggs explained how film piracy has caused serious setbacks in Kannywood.

Daily Trust: Your wife is the first ever female director in Kannywood, did you in anyway influence her decision to becoming a movie director?

Giggs: Well, I met my wife in the film industry then and she told me her passion of becoming a film maker/director. So by that time, I started working along with her, especially in my films. She worked with me as an assistant director and production manager on different films I produced.

So by doing that, my wife knows a lot about film making and I can tell you that I was the one that influenced her decision to becoming a female director.

Daily Trust: Do you collaborate with Nollywood actors in the course of your work?

Giggs: Yes, I used to collaborate with them, because there was a movie I directed titled ‘Hassana a Hussaina’ in 2016. The film was shot in Abuja, with many actors from Nollywood and Kannywood. In the north, we have good stories, and we used to discuss and share ideas between the two industries.

Giggs and wife

Daily Trust: What big bang should we expect from Kannywood?

Giggs: By God’s grace, there should be a collaboration between Hollywood and Kannywood soon.

Daily Trust: Could you tell us more about your latest movie ‘Tsangayar Asali’?

Giggs: Tsangayarangayar Asali’ is film about how people have misconception on the chronicles of ‘Almajiri’. It is a story that we wanted to tell about 100 years ago on the system of ‘Almajiri in northern Nigeria. We are trying to portray the good side of Almajiri, because every time you talk of Almajiri, people will only tell you the negative sides of the system. We therefore have made the movie to change the narrative in people’s mind.

Daily Trust: Could this be the reason the movie attracted the sponsorship of the Kano State Government?

Giggs: Of course, though the movie was a collaboration of KDC Foundation and Motion Pictures. So, when the Governor of Kano saw few clips of the film, he was amazed and showed interest in it, because the government had similar thing in mind on how to change the perception of people on the negative side of Almajiri system; and the movie was premiered at the state government house.

Daily Trust: One of your followers had asked why most of the Kannywood films center on love story?

Giggs: This has to do with how Indian movies influence our life, not only we the film makers, but our audience also prefer love story than other categories of films.

Daily Trust: Which would you consider as the best film you directed so far?

Giggs: My best films are: Macijiya, Hindu, Sadauki and Tsangayar Asali.

Daily Trust: What are the challenges the film industry is facing?

Giggs: The main challenge is piracy from downloaders. You could see how people invest their money and produce a movie, and unfortunately someone will download it without the consent of the owner and use it for his own benefit.
Also, cinemas and other TV stations are part of the challenges the film industry is facing currently. So, when we produce movies, we are not getting our money back, and this is discouraging to our investors.

Daily Trust: Where do you see Kannywood in the next five years?

Giggs: I see Kannywood in the next five years as the best film industry, not only in Nigeria, but in Africa, because we have the best stories and locations when it comes to productions.

Daily Trust: Is there any interesting thing you would like to share with us about Kannywood?

Giggs: We have good actors. We have good story tellers, good producers and good cinematographers.