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Gateway Poly students develop apps for institution

The Rector, Gateway Polytechnic (ICT) Saapade, Ogun State, Dr. Isaiah Kolawole has said the computer programmes and applications being used to enhance academic activities in the polytechnic were developed by students and the staff.

Kolawole said the institution which has ICT as its forte, has developed the polytechnic towards technical, vocational and ICT education.

“Because this is an ICT school, we have quite number of ICT courses they (students) have to go through first before they start their courses. We usually screen out bad eggs after admission; that’s why social violence is very minimal here. Cultism on campus is zero and most of the students we admit are the serious ones’’, the rector said.

He added: “All the things we do about ICT on our campus, we do it ourselves. All the computer programmes that we run on our campus are written by my students and staff and there are so many of them. For example, our exam is hundred percent perfect because the biometric that we use is good and that makes impersonation reduced to zero.’’