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Federal pensioners pull out of pensions union


The crisis among pensioners on Sunday got messier as Federal Civil Service Pensioners (FCSP) finally opted out of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP) over alleged denial of the branch’s rights and privileges.

Members of FCSP also premised their decision on “illegal and unconstitutional” appointment of a caretaker committee by the NUP at its April National Delegates Conference held in Abuja.

FCSP announced it was pulling out from NUP in a communique issued at the end of the emergency NEC meeting of the union which was held at Labour House by its national chairman, Omezi Sunday.

Sunday explained that opting out became necessary over the lingering trade dispute between the FCSP and the NUP.

According to him, the protracted impasse is occasioned by the blatant refusal of the NUP to give a commensurate allocation of 55 percent share of one percent check-off dues accruals to the FCSP branch.

“After deliberations on issues on grounds which border on the recent illegal dissolution of the National Executive of the branch by the National Union of Pensioners (NUP) headquarters, NEC in session has resolved as follows:

  • “That the dissolution the duly elected National Executive of the Federal Civil Service Pensioners Branch (FCSPB), led by Comrade Sunday O. Omezi, is illegal and unconstitutional;
  • “That the appointment of a Caretaker Committee by the NUP at the Delegates Conference is also illegal and unconstitutional;
  • “That FCSPB welcomes the intervention of the supervising Ministry, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment;
  • “That NEC in session viewed with utmost disgust the refusal of the NUP Delegates Conference to honour a letter dated 22nd April 2021, from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment with reference number IB/68/11/68, addressed to the General Secretary, Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP), Abuja;
  • “That FCSPB’s monthly allocation should be paid directly to its account;
  • “That the Branch has unanimously decided to pull out of the NUP;

“It has been a torturous journey for the Federal Civil Service Pensioners Branch (FCSPB) to operate under the NUP as a Sector in its bid to achieve industrial harmony. The FCSPB therefore looks forward to better days for its members spread across the 36 States of the Federation and Abuja,” the communique read.