Family of slain Sokoto Poly student withdraws case, says ‘we resign to Allah’ | Dailytrust

Family of slain Sokoto Poly student withdraws case, says ‘we resign to Allah’

The Owoade family, whose daughter was killed by a coursemate, has written the Sokoto Commissioner of Police, withdrawing the case against the killer.

The family wrote the commissioner saying, “As painful as our loss may be, we first and foremost have resolved and resigned to Allah willingly”.

The deceased, Zainab Owoade, is said to have been bosom friends, coursemates and roommates with Nafeesat Yekini, named as the offender, before the incident.

They both hail from Kishi, Oke Ogun area of Oyo and shared a rented apartment.

The stabbing happening after an unresolved argument.

“The family has agreed that it is futile to press charges against the person or persons involved in the unfortunate fight that eventually led to the death of our daughter, it could have been otherwise,” the family wrote.

“Our reason for withdrawing the case is not far-fetched from the fact that, the victim and the culprit are from Kishi, Oke Ogun Area of Oyo State and had they been enemies, they could not have been living together,” the letter stated

“Unto Allah we pray to forgive her shortcomings and admit her into Jannah, Amen,” the letter said.

Daily Trust learnt that, the victim and the culprit, Zanaib Owoade and Nafeesat Yekini were both ND 1 students of Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic, Sokoto.

Meanwhile, The Rector of the polytechnic, Professor Aminu Ibrahim denied that the college was shut down, following a protest by students over the death.

According to him, the report was misleading because there was no protest in whatever form and activities in the school were going on as scheduled.