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Facebook, foundation promotes online safety

Facebook, in collaboration with Cybersafe Foundation, have hosted a parents roundtable designed to gather insights on the kind of safety tips parents need.

The virtual event focused on teaching parents how to use and access some of the basic safety tools and features available on the Facebook platform to help keep children safe online.

“Facebook is committed to the safety of users on our platforms and especially that of young users. We have developed partnerships, policies, tools, programmes and resources that are aimed at keeping our users safe online,” said Sylvia Musalagani, Safety Policy Manager, Africa, Middle East and Turkey.

Confidence Staveley of Cybersafe Foundation, said: “This roundtable presented a perfect opportunity for parents to provide feedback directly to Facebook on its current child online safety resources and desired additions or improvements that they’d like to see.

“We are pleased that the main sessions and breakout rooms made for very conversations and parents in attendance shared their opinions freely”, Staveley added.

In recent years, Facebook has trained thousands of people on digital literacy skills. In 2021, Facebook is preparing to train over 20,000 participants across Africa on safe, responsible and beneficial usage of the digital platforms.