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#EndInsecurityNow protest called off as #EndSARSNow turns violent in Edo

It comes after EndSARS protest turned violent in Benin City....

The Coalition of Northern Groups has withdrawn its #EndInsecurityNow protest it started in 19 northern states in response to the #ENDSARS protest.

It comes after EndSARS protest turned violent in Benin City.

Protesters blocked off an expressway between Edo and Delta states, and turned it to a football pitch.

Others cooked lunch on sections of the road.

In the city centre, a prison break saw several inmates walk out of the Correctional Centre in Benin City.

At least two police stations were set on fire.

CNG said it was “disconcerting” that protests should degenerate into lawlessness and brigandage.

“Consequent upon this, the CNG categorically states that it will neither associate with, or identify with, nor recognize any movement by any persons, groups or from whichever section or class of the country that portends greater danger to the country or tends to tilt towards the onset of anarchy,” said its spokesman Abdul-Azeez Suleiman.

“The CNG hereby impresses on all its formations on the #EndInsecurityNow protests across the 19 northern states to remain law abiding as usual, and continue to shun any act that may further cause additional instability in the region and potentially affects the general peace of the country.

“We urge them to remain decent, orderly and civilized as they peacefully press for action to end the bleeding in the North without molesting, or oppressing fellow citizens and provoking public disorder.

“#EndInsecurityNow protests must therefore not be seen to cause public fear through traffic disruptions, rampage on private and public assets or involved with provocative utterances, altercations and other forms of indecent conduct.

“With this development, the CNG hereby directs all its state chapters to immediately stay further action and suspend all protests forthwith effective Monday 20th October, 2020.”