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Eid El Kabir: Let us live in love

I wish to call on the Muslim faithful and all other Nigerians to embrace love, peace and fear of God in their day to day interactions, with a view to imbibing the lessons taught by the celebration of Eid El-Kabir.

If there are issues among the various ethnic groups in the country, they should be addressed. If the authorities treated everyone with equality and fairness, all the vices plaguing society will be eradicated naturally.

Not treating other people equally is against the laws of God, which enjoin, justice, fair play and equity among the ruling class.

These virtues are lacking in society today and should be thoroughly addressed by the authorities.

Whatever challenges the country is passing through, there is the need for love and fellowship, as human lives are too precious to be wasted as being witnessed through various dastardly acts.

Islam is a religion of peace, love and obedience to God. Muslim faithful should always follow the tenets laid down in the Quran and Sunnah, as everybody will give an account of his or her stewardship to God on the day of judgment.

I, therefore, wish to call for a stop to kidnapping, banditry and insurgency and urge all those involved to repent and turn to God. I also advise politicians to play by the rules and avoid rancour and bitterness in the pursuit of their political aspirations.

Senator Kola Ogunwale, the Asiwaju of Iragbiji