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Dunamis Church reacts to protesters’ arrest, says church not protest ground

The Dunamis Church International Gospel Centre, on Wednesday, said it has no hand in the arrest of protesting youths who were arrested outside the premises of the Church.

While refuting reports that the church arrested and detained the protesters, it noted that the Church was not a protesting ground.

The Church further condemned the move by some activists, who stormed the church’s headquarters, Glory Dome, Abuja on Sunday wearing a “#BuhariMustGo” shirt.

It was reported that some alleged anti-Buhari protesters stormed the church on Sunday and were apprehended and detained by the Department of State Services (DSS).

Reacting to the incident in a statement by the Church spokesman, Dr Adah Ochowechi, the church stated clearly that the church of Christ had always remained resolute in her advocacy for human rights, justice and freedom.

“The church is non-political and non-partisan and thus not an appropriate ground for political protests.

“It is not the seat of government where those being protested against reside.

“We wish to state categorically that Dunamis International Gospel Center has no hand in the arrest, and detention of the said youths as they were arrested outside the premises of the church.

“The church has no right to arrest and detain people and has no detention custody.

“The right of arrest and detention resides with government security agencies,” the statement read in part.

‘How it happened’

The Church debunked claims that some youths wearing T-shirts branded with #BuhariMustGo merely came to church and walked up to the alter as first-timers and were arrested by the church and handed over to DSS.

“Nothing can be further than the truth. The church holds three services every Sunday and the Senior Pastor, Dr Paul Enenche preaches in all the services.

“After the sermon in the first service on that Sunday, an altar call was made to which many people came out, including the said youths, and nothing happened to them.

“No one questioned the legality or otherwise of the inscription on the T-shirts.

“However, soon after their departure from the altar, they swung into a protest with blaring trumpet and saxophone right from the exit door of the church.

“At the same time, the event was being covered and live-streamed with the background shot of the church building and those of the thronging crowd both exiting and entering the sanctuary for the next service.

“The live-streaming had the caption, ‘Buhari Must Go protest hits Dunamis Church in Abuja’.

“This appears intriguing for many reasons: No one knew who they were or where they came from.

“No one knew the organisation they represented or their ultimate agenda until the DSS apprehended them.

“No standard rule of engagement was followed as they merely sneaked into the church and swung into protest on a holy day of service.

“Moreover, the church is not an activism ground but a centre for the projection of truth against all forms of evil,” the Church explained in the statement.



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