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Do our leaders really love us?

Gas hike

It’s a universal fact that where there is love there is piety and where there is love there is happiness.  Love can serve as solution to someone’s problems or challenges. Lover is supposed to be sympathetic towards another. If you love your neighbor, you are not supposed to do anything that would hurt him. Rather, you would do things that would please him or make him happy and comfortable.

This is how our leaders in this country should behave towards us. But the reverse is the case.  They only love themselves instead of loving us too.

Last week, Nigerians woke up to hear  a heartbreaking news of  increase in the price of cooking gas, which is one of the basic needs.  This is coming at a time when people are struggling to cope with the rising and biting inflation and attendant hardship and poor living conditions.

Despite all these conditions, the price of cooking gas was still increased. Another shocking news is increase in price of electricity tariff.  This is another increase in price of another basic necessity.  All these are a clear indication that our leaders don’t have the love of the masses at heart. So, where is the love? It means that our leaders don’t love us.

It is apparent that  an average Nigerian can not cope with the unbearable situations.

May Allah’s aid come to our rescue.


Abdulrahman Yunusa writes from Bauchi