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Democracy Day: Kudos to the ever-resilient Nigerians

On Saturday, Nigeria marked its twenty-second year of uninterrupted democratic rule. A system of government whereby the people are allowed to elect their representatives in government to manage their affairs on their behalf. Unlike military regime which imposes itself on the people, the people choose or elect those they think are best to lead them.

Unfortunately, so far, from the Second to this Fourth Republic, Nigeria has paraded a crop of largely unproductive, myopic, primitive, low self-esteem and ill-equipped leaders. This Fourth Republic is most disappointing. In the last six years, we have gone many steps backwards that it will take us decades of hard labour with up and doing leaders to be where we were in 2015.

The best and all I expect to hear on this year’s Democracy Day message is the commencement of deliberations and consultations on how our fatherland will be restructured or returned to her pre-1966 structure. This is and remains the last lifeline for this country. It is either we restructure peacefully or we disintegrate violently.

Nigerians, I salute your resilience but we cannot continue like this. We must hold our leaders accountable and tell them (peacefully or violently as applicable) what we want and how we wish to be governed. It is our government. It is our democracy.

Happy Democracy Day, my fatherland.

Qudus Adewale Lawal

Lagos, Nigeria