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COVID-19: Nigerians task on healthcare, preventive measures

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The Hands for Help Foundation (Hands4help) and the Institute for Commerce Research and Enterprises Development (ICRED) has urged Nigerians to be proactive in healthcare awareness and not wait till ailment degenerated before seeking medical helps.

The chairman of the foundation, Dr. Mahboob Sadal Khan, from the Mewat region of Rajasthan, India, gave the advice at the award/induction of fellows of ICRED, on Saturday night in Abuja.

“We are in health care and education. There are several volunteers supporting us. Education is a problem in Africa. Another challenge in Africa is healthcare. We are trying to educate people that healthcare can be taken care in advance before it goes big with severe symptoms, especially in the COVID-19 era,” Khan said.

He expressed gratitude that Nigeria and Africa recognise their works and recommend him for the award.

He said, “We are honoured to be recognized by ICRED. At Hands4help, we believe that it is not for ourselves alone we are born, we are born to restore the hope of the hopeless and put a smile on every face thereby creating a permanent and positive impacts in the lives of many.

“We couldn’t do any of this without the CSR department of our Nigerian Partner Company, Gadawur Global Investment Limited and P&Q Medics Nigeria Ltd. This honour is not a credit to Hands4help alone but a common achievement for the Hands4help and its global partners.”

The ICRED Registrar, Dr. Ahmed Lateef Taiwo said, “The impressive and ongoing work of Hands4help led by Dr. Mahboob Sadal Khan made it easy for the NGO to be selected for the award. Part of the findings which attracted the selection committee after accessing references and profile of the NGO was the tremendous and impactful opportunities created by Hands4help to enable the poor and marginalized societies in Nigeria and Africa free and unhindered access to quality healthcare, education and social infrastructure.”

The Indian High Commissioner in Nigeria, Abhay Thakur, congratulated Mr Khan and his organisation Hands4help on the achievement, urging that the NGO continues to hold on to it work ethics and keep making India proud.

Chairman of the occasion, Suleiman Adamu, said they give healthcare to Nigerians on medical tourism free of charge in India and in Nigeria and that they have established a special assistant hospital in Kaduna that helps to connect Nigerians to India hospitals without intermediary.

Also, the Nasirul-Lahi-Li-Fatih Society of Nigeria (NASFAT), Abuja Zone, Missioner, Sheik Sharafdeen Aliagan, said urged Muslim clerics and other leaders across the country to be knowledgeable and be learned in contemporary issues to be able to help their followers and the public for security and better living for national development.

“As a cleric or religious leader, we should always struggle to get relevant, to get more educated, that will help our office and professionalism. That will help us to have more sense of belonging. So, an Imam in Islam is expected to be an all-rounder; have knowledge of every important aspect of human life. You will be able to talk to people, convince them to know what is good for them.

“I want to implore all other Imams that we cannot relax. We cannot relent in our effort. We have to continue to struggle to get more knowledge, to get more things that will get us to this kind of level,” Aliagan said.