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Cleric urges parents to guide wards in marriage

The Chief Imam of al-Huda Masjid Byazhin-Kubwa, Abuja, Dr. Rafee’ Owonla Busayree Al-Ijebuwi, has urged Muslim parents to guide their children in choosing partners for marriage.

This is contained in his 258th Jumuah khutbah (sermon) titled “Your Family, O Muslim!”.

“Fear Allah with regards to your children. Show a keen interest in letting each of your family be a stable castle making up a good society based on the rightness of individuals; truly actual, instead of merely desiring.

“A proper family is the building foundation of any good human society. A foundation’s strength depends on how its materials interlock. Individual members of a family are its building materials,” Al-Ijebuwi said.

The cleric stressed the importance of choosing a pious spouse, saying: “The aim is to encourage ourselves on fixing the Muslim family. The care starts from the contraction of legal marriage between man and woman, not adultery or fornication.”