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Chief Philip Agbese: The Oliver Cromwell Enone Needs To Attain Legislative Prosperity In 2023

The courageous and legendary legislator, Sir Oliver Cromwell, will continue to serve as an inspiration to every people that yearn for legislative prosperity. His grit,…

The courageous and legendary legislator, Sir Oliver Cromwell, will continue to serve as an inspiration to every people that yearn for legislative prosperity. His grit, and the courage to stand shoulder to shoulder against King Charles 1, an emperor, who allotted to himself, the status of an unquestionable demi-god, will forever resonate in any constituency that craves the courage to force their voices to be heard in the National Assembly.

The need to elect a leader who is imbued with an unusual passion for his people, and is willing to fight the seemingly untouchable forces that keep them stagnated for decades, is what the spirit of Cromwell rouses in men and women who aspire to a quality representation.

To understand my point better, let me tell us a little story of the legendary Oliver Cromwell, then you might appreciate the need for the enthronement of a Cromwell (Chief Philip Agbese) in Enone.

In England, at a time when democracy was substituted with the “divine right of kings” with citizens beheaded for the smallest errors and opposition to the government, was met with stiff resistance. A time when King Charlse 1 elevated himself above every mortal and created the impression of a demi god, an opposition to him was viewed as a direct attack to God and met with long incaceration, torture, cruel treatment, the highest brutality and death, A man named Oliver Cromwell was raised when change was to be effected in England.

The courage of Oliver Cromwell, his ability to say enough is enough to the almighty King Charles 1, his determination to stand on the path of truth and fundamental principles of democracy changed the history of England and the country went on to build the highest empire known to mankind on the threshold of democracy and the rule of law.

King Charles 1 on the fated day went to the English parliarment to arrest five parliamentarians opposed to his autocratic rule, amongst them was an intellectual colossus known as Oliver Cromwell, the other four fled. Cromwell resolved to wait for the King and to face him down once and for all. He took his seat in Parliament and told the House that it was time that “the King and his Majesty be told the bitter truth”. He said, “I shall not take flight like a coward, a scallywag, a pickpocket or a petty thief but I shall take my seat here and tell his Royal Majesty the King precisely how I feel”.

As the King entered Parliament and ordered the arrest of the five M.P’s he noticed that all had fled apart from the courageous Cromwell. As he ordered his arrest, Cromwell got up and insisted that by that single order and act, the King was risking civil war. He then proceeded to educate the King about the power of Parliament, and there and then, he moved a motion that it was rather the King that ought to be arrested for treason against Parliament and the good people of England.

The House erupted in applause. They shouted in a great uproar and Cromwell’s motion for the arrest of the King was overwhelmingly supported.

The King looked helplessly with disbelief. He left Parliament badly humiliated: for the first time in his life and in the life of the English monarchy, the almighty, unquestionable king was challenged, faced down and humiliated by one of his own subjects in the open glare of Parliament.

Thereafter came civil war and the defeat and ultimate beheading of King Charles 1st, the first King to be executed in the history of England.

What died with him was the concept and philosophy of the “divine right of Kings” and from that point Parliament became supreme and England became a democracy. Cromwell headed the Round-head Army during the civil war and after the war he was appointed Lord Protector of England and he ruled for many years

He rededicated the nation to God and in his years the fortunes of England became manifold. Cromwell transformed England into one of the greatest powers on earth and he established the foundation of what was to later become the British Empire, one of the greatest empires ever known to humanity.

Today, Enone federal constituency, one of the largest in the country, is being strangulated by anti-people representation. We need an Oliver Cromwell, who is imbued with the courage, strength and the intellectual sagacity to lead us to the Enone of our dreams.

Chief Philip Agbese, the Okanga Agila, stands out as the only aspirant to the Enone federal constituency seat, who has all the qualities with which Cromwell led England to prosperity. Infact, to say that he is a reincarnation of Oliver Cromwell, sent to use legislative activism to achieve prosperity for Enone people, will raise a jingoist fanaticism in the many who has rebuffed the preaching of science, to still hold dear to their belief in reincarnation, because all that Cromwell was known for, Agbese possesses. He has the meekness to serve, the intelligence to chart a pathway, the courage to say enough is enough to the King Charles 1 of Enone and the selflessness to sacrifice his personal comfort for the betterment of Enone federal constituency.

As 2023 draws closer, it is now for us to decide whether we will improve our lot by voting in an Oliver Cromwell (Chief Philip Agbese), to deliver us from King Charles 1 (quack and selfish representation) or we will continue to wallow hopelessly under the authoritarian grip of hunger, unresponsive representation and the unfortunate irony of abject poverty in the midst of plenty.

Whatever decisions we make, the fact that Enone, for its size, deserves more, should guide us.

By Stephen Ogbeh

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