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Capri-Sun drink tops choice for children — Report

A report of findings has indicated that Capri-Sun – a fruit drink, has topped the choice of mothers for their children.

CHI Limited, the manufacturer of the drink, in a statement, said a cross-section of mothers who were engaged in the survey, emphasized the importance of consuming healthy beverages for the overall health and long-term development of their children.

The company said the fruit drink is made with ‘Clean Recipe’ of natural ingredients with no artificial colours, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavours and no added preservatives.

One of the women, Mrs Josephine Edet, a mother of three children, said: “Because of its consistent taste and quality over the years, it is a brand I trust. Putting Capri-Sun in my children’s lunchboxes is a priority because it is a convenient and healthy fruit drink that hydrates with a natural taste that appeals to them.”

For Mrs Gladys Ikechukwu, a civil servant and mother of two, “Mothers want their children to be healthy, but the labels on many fruit drinks are confusing and misleading, causing parents to think they are providing their children a healthy drink when in actuality, they are not. But this offers a healthy alternative with its all-natural ingredients.”

The company further stated that the drink is tailor-made for young children which could be taken on its own or with meals.