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Buharinomics and the global village

The world is a global village. Nonetheless, late Dr Bala Usman in his address to the 40th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Association of Law…

The world is a global village. Nonetheless, late Dr Bala Usman in his address to the 40th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers at the University of Lagos on Monday 17th May, 2004 in a lecture titled “What exactly is Globalisation” gave a global view and a wider perspective.  In his analysis over what he refers to as the “fantasy of the global village”, he asks: “What sort of a village is it, in which, the villagers in one part of the village, are totally prohibited from going to the other part of the village, even though most of the good things of life in the village are to be found over there? The only ones allowed to go in, are those who are going to further enrich the richest part of the village, from what they have stolen or somehow cornered from the poorer part of the village or from the education the poor villagers have paid for them to have from their meager earnings, hoping that they will stay and serve them. Are we really living now in anything which anybody sensible can call a village, global, or, otherwise?”
On the Buharinomics, one can draw from the conception of the fantasy of the “global village” and the “slave mentality” by most Nigerian elites, especially the empty tribal jingoists and indeed Africans according to Bala. Let us try to understand the Buhari persona, who in my view has a thorough knowledge of the mind sets of the globalisation cabals and imperialists. Bala further, describes them as chiefly US-Zionist-NATO axis who must control the global village and who have armed themselves to the “teeth”. Buhari was both a former Minister of Petroleum, Head of State, among others. Now he stands as the President and C-in-C. One should like to believe that he is qualified to understand the dynamics of the village rankings.
Getting money without any sweat is where Nigerians excel. What economy are you talking with only imported goods as the kernel of business? Making money through hard work and legitimate enterprise is a hard sell. Overnight accumulation of wealth and building assets with no corresponding liability and capital is the in thing. So how can an economy be productive and any will wish to work when suddenly jokers parade the neigbourhood with unexplained wealth. Many houses and properties in Abuja and most cities in Nigeria are owned by Nigerians that cannot declare their assets in public. They are now sweating it out with the EFCC. Commissions from the globalisation agents like Halliburton’s and sundry by pass of public funds, explain how they own landed properties in Dubai and elsewhere abroad. Meanwhile, the common man cannot feed or pay the fees for their children. This unfortunate scenario created and still creates security for the rich and poor alike. The kidnappings, armed robbery and bombings and violent crimes remain the order of the day.
Simple common sense economic issues that Buharinomics addressed are worth mentioning. The FX which is a scarce commodity for even the developed must be tackled. Cost control to block the leakages in the accounting and procurement processes. Even advanced economies where they export capital goods to grow their economy, keep watch over FX and monetary system. In contrast Nigerians with slave mentality steal money directly and scientifically from public treasury and keep in US Dollars. These classes of parasites facilitated the depreciation of the Naira to satisfy their narrow interests. They deliberately kill the Naira to enrich the richer part of the global village at the expense of their people. All the pretences about fixing the economy and noise about Buharinomics are not from the bottom of their hearts. For none is on record to be identified to not only condemn but even to warn against the banana republic type economic management of GEJ’s and Obasanjo’s administrations.
Yours sincerely, benefitted from the TSA account where before Buhari took over only a meager part our receivables were paid in June 2014. However, it was unbelievable that more than half has been paid without palaver in 2016. We have paid our bank liability courtesy TSA account regime. Before one had to lobby a Minister without results because when the money was released to the Federal ministry, it was a behind closed doors affair. How and in what manner the disbursements were made were shrouded in secrecy.
It is unfortunate as well as financial acts of terrorism to shift funds to the richer part of the village. Children of the clueless elites get enrolled in schools abroad where billions are transferred at the expense of education of their poorer brothers in the ghettos. With Buharinomics, any extravagant Nigerian could send his children abroad. Now, many are coming to their senses and relocating their children back to the poorer side of the village. There is no restriction to anyone who chooses to purchase US Dollars at the black market rate if he is that crazy. Instead of using money to create value in the economy and micro businesses to create jobs, they are used to spoil their children. In the health and leisure sub-sectors scandalous amount of USD Billions are spent for medical bills and the village is left with mere consulting clinics with no equipment and no jobs. Nigerians wasting scarce foreign exchange doling out money carelessly in Saudi Arabia and Dubai are now paupers reported to be taking back their change. How wonderful times have changed.
Buharinomics now focuses on long term development projects with potentials to regenerate the economy. Basic infrastructural projects that are lacking are to be addressed with the savings from the leakages in the FX fraud and waste. Self-sufficiency in food production that any serious leader must give priority is on the agenda. The food imports that consume FX unnecessarily will be stamped out. The advocates of appointing an economic team are dishonest. If the Obasanjo, Yar’adua and Jonathan did things right in fixing the economy Buharinomics will build on it. If any, it is hugely nothing but cluelessness, economic jargons and self-service.
In my view Buhari knows pretty much the mathematics, chemistry and biology of the globalisation agents. They are experts at creating poverty and slave mentality. Most Nigerians who came from conditions from rags to riches lack patriotism. They say with their mouth what is not in their hearts. Their living interests are to peddle influence, abuse office and enrich themselves in collaboration with the grandees in the richer part of the village. The scramble for public office is an opportunity to create poverty in the part of the poorer village. Their day dream is to migrate in to the richer part of the village, the fantasy land.     
Engr. Abubakar Fari wrote this piece from Kaduna. He can be reached at [email protected]

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