Buhari group reaches out to Bulama after cartoon on Hanan’s wedding | Dailytrust

Buhari group reaches out to Bulama after cartoon on Hanan’s wedding

The Buhari Media Organization (BMO) has reached out to Daily Trust cartoonist, Mustapha Bulama, following his cartoon on the wedding of President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter, Hanan.

The BMO is a group of Nigerians who believe and support the Nigerian President, promoting his good works, and ‘Change’ agenda in Nigeria.

1st Lady Aisha Buhari and Bulama’s cartoon

Daily Trust cartoonist, Bulama wins award

In a tweet to Bulama’s Twitter handle on Thursday evening, the BMO offered to deliver a compendium of the President’s achievement to the cartoonist.

Bulama had demanded a list of achievements of the current administration following negative reactions that greeted his cartoon from Buhari’s loyalists.

In his tweet on September 7, he said: “I want to do a series of cartoons on the achievements of this government. Please drop you list below. Seriously.”


About the cartoon

On Sunday, Daily Trust published a cartoon showing the President’s wife, Aisha Buhari, holding pictures of the wedding on her hands and displaying them in the faces of Nigerians struggling to find their balance in life.

The cartoon drew inspiration from Aisha’s several posts on Instagram where she displayed pictures of Hanan’s wedding.

Bulama has since told the BBC Pidgin that he didn’t mean any harm with the cartoon.

According to Bulama, he published the cartoon to show what Nigerians were feeling at a time when the first family was celebrating a daughter’s wedding.


Mrs Buhari’s attack

But the First Lady was not happy with the cartoon on the lavish wedding of her daughter, Hanan.

The elaborate wedding ceremony held last Friday at a time many Nigerians were complaining of hardship as a result of President Buhari government’s harsh economic policies.

In reaction to the cartoon, Mrs Buhari said children of Nigerian leaders had the right to get married whether they were performing or not.

Aisha’s spokesperson, Aliyu Abdullahi, told BBC Pidgin that Hanan’s wedding was a low key ceremony.

He said, “The cartoon of Mustapha Bulama trending is very unfair because the wedding wasn’t in anyway insensitive to what Nigerians are going through.

“In fact, because of that, Mrs Aisha Buhari held a meeting with her staff and told us she wants the wedding to be low key with no massive celebrations.

“The photo she posted of the couple for social media was to thank well wishers and not to rub it on Nigerian faces.”