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Buhari and the wailers

To say Buhari has enemies and super hardcore ones is an understatement of the century. In the construction of highways, one meets hard core rock…

To say Buhari has enemies and super hardcore ones is an understatement of the century. In the construction of highways, one meets hard core rock buried or above the earth surface, which only dynamite will do the job. In bank lending scenarios, super hardcore debtors, will not pay their loans even if they have the means, till you employ some thugs. Even Buhari does not know the extent and the diversity of his enemies. The problem started when he took over in 1984 after the ouster of Shagari’s administration. The Southern press did not allow the democratic government of Shagari peace and the benefit of the doubt to spread the dividends of democracy for whatever it was purely out of tribal jingoism.

The hardcore Yoruba elements who see themselves as those who “crammed’ or appear to have crammed all the books the Oyibo colonialists brought to Nigeria are yet to get their bearings in the world development index to make Nigeria great. If any, they have not freed themselves from “eating from the treasury” so acquisition of presidency by all means is not one they stand idle by. The Igbo with the “Biafra” confusion also have no courage to go their own way, lock themselves up like the Chinese and bout it out with the likes of Trump’s America first dogma. That they have not come to terms that lack of electric power in Nigeria is our single biggest problem. Rather, the elite beat about the bush talking restructuring and remove Buhari seems to me that these Ph.D holders are mere Ph.D nonsense holders.

The root cause of the anti-Buhari could be traced to 1984-85 when he presided as the head of the military administration. His reign was such that he closed his eyes and dealt with the corruption cases that hit hard on the so-called Nigerian men of “timber and calibre” or who paraded themselves as “men of iron and steel”. Those hardcore “untouchables” were thrown into the prisons, they never believed that would happen. As if they are not destined to rest in more frightening destinations, which are the graves. Despite Nigerians attend burials to humble them, yet like the hard-hearted Prophet Noah, people who preached to them for 950 years but instead they became more astray till the deluge swept them from the earth in an overwhelming food. That Buhari humbled the arrogant Nigerians to dust by sending them to prison that they never expected has made uncountable leaking with the ulcer wound that will not heal. They have not learnt their lessons as if they will not die and be buried in the graves.

They control the press and the electronic and print media and are unrepentant hyenas with protruding eyes on the public treasury that must be emptied by them. Tell me even Prophets were accused as liars, incompetent, that they were nothing but human like their people, mad and all out to make themselves superior to others. Which of the Prophets had it easy with the ruling class, if you read the Scriptures? Among the Muslims those who cannot read the Fatiha and who call Umar a Prophet! Among the Christians many just go to church to dance like in the discothèque. Yours sincerely does not consider Buhari as an infallible but if you ask me why did they attempt to poison him few months into his administration if they love Nigeria as they would want us to believe.

Why did they not poison Obasanjo, IBB, Abdussalami and Jonathan? Were these the role models in governance that have made any meaningful impact on the growth and development of this country despite the huge amount of resources endowed it? The paradox remains that those poisoned or an attempt to poison them are the best in delivery of good governance and the spread of social justice and tranquility. I have heard taxi drivers from the south in Abuja say that the poisoned Yar’adua’s governance “was the best Nigerians have witnessed”.

NADECO confirmed that the administration of Abacha was 100 times better than that of Obasanjo. It is on record that Obasanjo crippled Ajaokuta Steel complex and caused the deliberate frustration of electric power generation in his days. There was nothing like budget discipline. Yours sincerely learnt that in the first year in office, Obasanjo would appear to have spent four times over his budget. The “Ghana must go” dogma to corrupt the National Assembly was open and clear. The north with agriculture and the food basket of the nation had its potential and heritage deterred in agricultural development to pave way for the so-called phantom cassava to dominate but which did not meet international standards.

Our so-called northern elders’ main living interest remains to be invited “to come and eat” for Obasanjo told them “they had lost their dividend”. If they dared talk as he carelessly and rudely does against any leader he would not hesitate to imprison them as Abacha did him. The “Northern Elders Forum” are cowards or compromise on the northern interests whenever a Southerner is a President. They keep mum when he exhibited open injustice against the north like sheep.  While on the other hand, the southerner contrives aggressive challenges and make false and fake news against a northern leader in their dailies and in public and northern elders remain aloof. Even third rate southerners will make stupid comments bordering on disrespect on their persons. They even get columns in our dailies to write as they wish which they will not allow in their own. Daily Trust is chief in this strange or puzzling actions.

With Jonathan, it was a disaster.  His Petroleum Minister Diezzani that he could not control, believed the oil wells belonged to her and not to Nigerians and that she would die as the permanent Nigerian oil minister to do as she wished. The Indian Ambassador to Nigeria  complained that the oil was a buyer’s market when Jonathan’s administration went to use third parties to sell Nigeria’s crude. US billions of dollars got missing and for Nigerians no deal. Jonathan never went to Maiduguri till it was time for campaign despite the Boko Haram murderous outings.

The theft of security vote and double standards was the in-thing in the minority government of Jonathan., The over 300 ethnic tribes welcomed as a vehicle to exhibit disorder and injustice in governance against the Muslims. The deliberate bombing in Kaduna during the Yakowa days and the military siege designed by Ihejirika the Chief of Army Staff with occasional arrogant statements on record that the cruel and naïve so-called Northern elders have too soon forgotten is an unforgivable position, which only reminds us that Aminu Kano labelled them as shashashu or foolish people with lack of vision.

They are like vultures who as long as they are invited “to come and eat”, the Always In Government (AIG) with a complex kowa inna ta aura babane. In other words whoever mama gets married to is their father. The so-called “western education” they possess lack of moral value other than a secular vision, which even to the West has left them with no other than the socially engineered moral decay good for no one. That the West has degenerated to legalise same-sex marriages is a road to the oblivion and calamities like coronavirus or COVID 19 are just the beginning till they are humbled to dust with all the phantom “development”.


Eng Fari writes from Kaduna ([email protected])

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