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Mailafia says “life in danger” after 3rd DSS invitation

Government isn’t part of the killings, it just could do better...

The former Deputy Governor of Central,  Obadia Mailafia, says he fears his life is in danger, though he has no “conclusive proof”.

It follows his third invitation to be questioned by the Department of State Security in Plateau state, following controversial comments he made on a radio broadcast.

He appeared before DSS on Monday in Jos, but said the night of Thursday before his appearance, he had to “scale a fence” for his escape after some unidentified persons attempted to break into his shelter.

“I have indicated that I have reason to believe that my life has been in danger. I have no conclusive prove, but I get a threat where I was stayin,” he told journalists after his meeting with DSS.

“On Thursday. I saw some strange people at the get trying to break in. I jumped the fence and escaped because I don’t know who they area.”

The questioning follows his claims that a “serving” governor in the north of the country was in command of Boko Haram insurgents.

Another claim was that the lockdown in the wake of Covid-19 provided cover for movement of weapons around the country.

He said his comments interpreted to mean the government was responsible for killings in Southern Kaduna was erroneous.

“I didn’t really meant to say that the government was part and parcel of the killings,” he said.

“I implied that they could do better because thousands are being killed.”