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Borno rules out new petrol stations in Maiduguri

Borno state government has ruled out approving construction of new filling stations in Maiduguri over concerns petrol stations are being indiscriminately put up in residential areas where they portend danger to residents.

Executive secretary of Borno state Geographic Information Service, Adam Bababe said the stopping construction of new petrol stations in the city and its environs came amidst concern to avert unforeseen danger it poses to the city.

“We more than 200 petrol station in Maiduguri city, it is worrisome and how many cars do we have; we can’t continue with this. Any petrol station that have not been approved before now will not approve again within the city centre of Maiduguri,” he said.

“The outcome of that exercise will now tell us whether we will demolish some filling stations or shift some. But for now, it should be clear that no more new filling station that has not been approved before now will be given approval.”

The Executive Secretary said the Agency has also embarked on removal of temporary shelters and commercial shops on major highways to sanitise the city and get rid of criminal activities in the metropolis.

He stressed that government is not considering the revocation of any land but only encouraging land owners to regularise their land titles and offset the backlog dues.