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Be cautious of what you consume, youths warned

Youths across the nation have been urged to be wary of what they consume as the new method of indoctrinating fellow youths into drug abuse is by adding drugs into foods, drinks and other consumables.

This was the focus of a recent interactive session with pressmen by the Adorable International Foundation (AIF) conference on fighting drug abuse in Lagos.

At the event, a student of the University of Lagos, Muoghara Augusta recounting her ordeal in the hostel noted that one of her hostel mate was drugged as a result of keeping to herself.

She recalled that drugs were added to the lady’s pot of Egusi soup which made her misbehave in such a way that the school authorities intervened and the two students who perpetrated the act were expelled.

Other participants confirmed that youths now put drugs in other youths’ food, drinks, cakes, pastries to indoctrinate them, get back at them or for other reasons.

President of AFI, Ada Okeke, said there was an urgent need to reduce drug abuse, unguided usage of drugs and illicit trafficking of drugs among the youths.

“Youths should know what they put in their mouth. There is a need for families, communities, religious bodies, and others to be involved in the fight against drug abuse. Parents have a role to play by being close to the children, visit them in school, know their friends and avoid over-pampering them. Some youths engage in drugs as a result of depression.”

According to a 2018 report by the United Nations Office On Drugs, drug use in Nigeria is estimated at 14.4 percent or 14.3 million people aged between 15 and 64 years rising higher than in previous years.