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Attend rallies at your own peril, Russia warns citizens

Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has  warned citizens to abstain from participating in unauthorized rallies, squares, streets declared to be sites for the rallies during the period announced by the organizers.

It warned that aggressive behavior and provocations against the police would be intermediately suppressed adding that offenders would be detained and held responsible.

The ministry said in a statement that “ the risk of contracting the coronavirus infection is increasing at mass gathering.’’

It also warned about possible provocations by “destructively minded” individuals.

“Departments of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and other law enforcement agencies will not allow destabilization and will implement all the necessary measures to maintain law and order in the regions across the country.

“Any aggressive move by participants of the unauthorized public events, especially attempts to provoke clashes with law enforcement agencies staffers, will be regarded as a threat to public security and will be immediately suppressed.’’ the ministry said.

The ministry also called on Russians to ask their underage relatives to abstain from taking part in the rallies. (Sputnik/NAN)