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Arteta’s action could backfire

Given that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is attempting to rebuild the club with his style of management I was surprised that he made a big deal of disciplining captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for arriving late.

He was only a few minutes behind everyone else and claimed traffic problems as the cause however he had been late on several occasions previously.

I do hope Arteta’s actions do not backfire on him.

Aubameyang was furious and sat silently in the stands and drove away in his hi-tech £250k Ferrari sports car before the post-match warm-down which most teams complete.

Arsenal played well but need everything to be working for them at the moment and Aubameyang sitting in the stands feeling angry is not a positive step.

Having spoken with several people at the club, the general feeling is that the manager would have been much wiser to have dealt with his complaints about the striker on Monday during training and quietly and discreetly rather than cause Pierre-Emerick much embarrassment and annoyance.

No player is bigger than the club but Arsenal are in a delicate stage of their rebuild and Arteta needs everybody on side.