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Agripreneurship is the way out


Agripreneurship is the best of ways to address food security in the developing world especially now that the world is seeing unforseen, unpredictable hard times accentuated by COVID-19 pandemic, recession, youth unemployment and unemployability.

Not only that; the fact remains that food security is now a very pertinent issue in geo-political stability, especially to our country Nigeria where the exponential population explosion is currently ongoing; increase in rural urban migration and refusal of IDPs to return to their communities after ‘tasting’ city life and those who genuinely couldn’t return.

With all these economic turmoil, imagine waiting for your share of the national cake in a rentier state. A country that can feed other countries if its full potential is harnessed but has sadly become a beggar waiting for peanuts in the international arena.

Youths, goal number 2 of the SDG will not only help you meet human needs or make you self-reliant.

Lest I forget, before the discovery of crude oil in Nigeria that made our people to be praise singers of politicians or monthly salary-reliant citizens, unproductive ladies who beg men for money all day, youths with laminated certificates waiting for jobs in juicy MDAs, one of the determining factors parents used to okay a man’s proposal to marry their daughter to him was not even a matter of whether he farms or not but how big his farm is.

I remember a panegyric my grandmother said they sang about hard-working men then.

(Yanyi washinna, kwa bano kuraa kulo dajiya  kandanlaro washe). Meaning: If my mother is to give my hand in marriage, let her give me to a husband with a big hoe. The untiring type who will switch to cotton farm when he is done with his food crop farming.

Muhammad Kime wrote from Damaturu